Our Mission

NAMOMC joins together member clubs for the purpose of exchanging educational information pertaining to rearing, development, and encouragement of individuality of multiple birth children. NAMOMC does this by educating and informing its members through programs such as quarterly newsletters, club affiliations, and yearly conferences.

Northwest Association

NWAMOMC offers resource and information with assistance to the public including people with direct interest or involvement with multiple birth children. NWAMOMC also cooperates with and encourages participation in (medical) research projects involving multiples, relative to the physical, mental and social well-being of multiple birth children and their families. Additionally, NWAMOMC promotes formation of new local clubs while providing assistance in their establishment to include supporting their growth. NWAMOMC considers it important to address the needs of siblings of multiple birth children. NWAMOMC expands their “reach” by assisting others through philanthropic projects and supporting local charities that help children.