What are Mothers of Twins Clubs?

Mothers of Twins Clubs (also known as Mothers of Multiples Clubs) were created to share experiences. Clubs are open to all mothers (and sometimes dads, too!) of multiple-birth children. Most clubs meet once a month and offer a “support group” — for new mothers and those whose twins have children and grandchildren.

The clubs help new parents gain insight into the unique physical and psychological aspects of raising multiples through speakers, panels and discussion groups, as well as the social relationships that are formed. Through these resources, they may become more aware of the important need for encouraging and supporting individuality among their multiples.

Besides providing this valuable exchange of ideas, the clubs also sponsor clothing, equipment and toy exchanges/sales. They also host various social functions that include all family members.

The most important aspect of a Mother of Twins Club is the association and communication with other parents of multiples. Parents will find that the other members have experienced some of the problems they encounter in raising their children. It is a place to discuss these issues with others who truly understand – because they have been there!

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