Advice & Mentoring

Need Advice or Information?

Past presidents of NWAMOTC (Trustees) serve in a mentoring capacity to new clubs and assist current member clubs that may have questions or be experiencing problems. Trustees are willing to visit with members, visit clubs or just provide advice and information via phone or e-mail.

NWAMOTC currently has 13 active Trustees, most of whom have been involved in NWAMOTC for more than 20-30 years.

One of the Trustees’ most enjoyable duties is to welcome new members at NWAMOTC’s annual conventions and fall meetings. They are always willing to share a hug and a story and offer advice if asked!

If you are thinking of starting a new club and would like someone to actually speak with and/or visit your group, or if you’re with an existing club that needs advice and/or assistance, just e-mail a Trustee

Also, if you’re in need of some prayer, feel free to contact the NWAMOTC Chaplain