Connecting at Convention

You know the face but can’t remember the name. We’ve all been there.  Attached to this article is a form that convention attendees can fill out and return to or by mail:

Diana Brown, 6807 Cathedral Pl. NW, B. 

Delegates, please distribute this form to your members as soon as possible. Once I get a form back, I will assign each lady a secret pal. The deadline to return the form to me is March 30.  This will allow me a few weeks to let you know who your secret pal is. My plan is to mix things up a bit so you can get to know someone you may not know that well.  It’s then up to you what you’ll do for your “secret pal” during the weekend.  You can give her a card, a small gift, something that fits her “profile”, etc. Let your imagination run wild. It’s up to you.  I think this will be fun and I hope everyone else agrees.  In the event that you forget to bring something, I’ll have extra cards and trinkets.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me immediately.  A reminder will be in the Spring TOG and in upcoming PCR’s.

Download Form Here