OFFICERS- 2017-2018

Press Release

June 2017

Contact: Sandy Pagel, NWAMOTC Publicity,


The officers, who will serve a one-year term include:

Tonya Watanabe- Kent, WA is currently the Association’s President. A member of Valley MOMC, she will preside at all NWAMOTC meetings, appoint executive chairmoms and is the official representative of the Association.

Joyce Vierck– Ridgefield, WA is currently the Association’s Vice President. A member of Columbia MOTC she presides in the absence of the president, indoctrinates the delegates as to their duties, and maintains accurate delegate rosters & chairmom and officers’ rosters.

Liz Abeyta- Issaquah, WA is currently the Association’s Corresponding Secretary. A member of EMOMS she handles all correspondence and sends welcome packets to perspective mothers of multiples clubs.

Lisa Samuel- Kirkland, WA is currently the Association’s Recording Secretary. A member of EMOMS she is responsible for accurately recording the business of the Association’s meetings and ensures the distribution of meeting minutes.

Vicky Emmett- Bellingham, WA is currently the Association’s Treasurer. A member of Whatcom MOMS she is responsible for maintaining accurate records of the Association’s monies- receives all dues & donations, and works closely with the auditor & budget and finance chairmom.

Cindy Williams- Auburn, WA is currently the Association’s Advisor. A member of Valley MOMC & Columbia MOTC she will advise the Association’s President and Officers- act as parliamentarian and advises the Association on correct parliamentary procedures.

NWAMOTC will next meet at Fall Meeting 2017 in Bellevue, WA on October 13-14 at The Red Lion Hotel Bellevue. 


Founded in 1963, NWAMOTC is a network of member clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and the province of British Columbia, Canada. Most member clubs meet monthly to discuss the care, development, and education of multiple birth children and other topics of interest. NWAMOTC cooperates with and encourages participation in medical research projects involving multiples relative to the physical, mental and social well-being of multiple birth children and their families. For more information or to join a local club, visit